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Astatic Brown Biscuit Vintage Bullet Mic

Copperhead Vintage

$ 385.99

"This is the hottest mic I've ever played! I mean crazy hot."

        - Kyle from Copperhead Customs

One of the rarest harmonica mics on the market. The Astatic Brown Biscuit is legendary and at around 70 years old...this bad boy just got a facelift. 

The old cable was removed and replaced with a sturdy 10' Fender Custom Shop Tweed cable with a 1/4" jack.  The shell was cleaned and the windscreen was replaced with a nice tweed to match the cable.  This Astatic was virtually untouched through the decades and appears to contain the original crystal element and has tons of volume, and a warm deep tone.

She might be old...but this vintage mic is HOT! 


-HOT crystal element

-10' Fender Custom Shop tweed cable

-Original brown paint

-Threads for mounting to mic stand

Like all of the Copperhead Vintage mics, this one comes with a 60 day warranty.  If the mic malfunctions within the first 60 days, just contact us and we'll do whatever we can to fix it.  The warranty covers the functionality of the mic, not the cosmetics (this mic is about 70 years old and has paint some paint chips as you can see in the photos).  Warranty doesn't cover misuse of the mic for example dropping, water damage, etc.


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