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Applewood Burl Front and Center Vintage Mic

Front and Center

$ 245.00

Vintage Crystal Element, Rare Burl Shell, and Easy Grip Inlay

Front and Center Microphones are consistently some of the best harp mics on the market.  With an appreciation for vintage tone, use of exotic woods and rare burls, and functional additions like volume knobs and easy grip inlays...Front and Center is definitely carving a spot in the top tier of mic shops.

This custom mic has it all.  The Applewood burl shell has some serious character marks but is super smooth to the touch.  The exotic wood inlays not only look good but they are shaped into the Front and Center Easy Grip that causes a concave dip in the shell and makes it extremely easy to grip the mic.  The element is a vintage 80s NOS crystal that has great tone, plenty of volume, and really pairs well with the wood shell.  To top it off the wood volume knob is there to take your stage presence from 1 to 11!

This great microphone is made of rare woods, vintage parts, and lot of love.  Handmade right here in the USA...the Applewood Burl mic is a great addition to any harp players collection.  Monster tone, Old School element, and handmade character...get yours before it's gone.


-NOS 1980s Crystal Element

-Applewood Burl Shell

-3 inlays made of Bolivian Rosewood and Padauk

-Easy Grip built into inlays

-Volume knob

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